Saturday, September 23, 2017

Shirqat Freed, Clearing In Anbar, Hawija In the Offing

The multi-front campaign to rid Iraq of the last bastions of the Islamic State made more progress. Shirqat in northern Salahaddin was freed, the Iraqi forces were clearing the latest gains in Anbar, while Hawija was pending.

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 23

1955 Iran joined Iraq, England, Turkey security agreement Would become
            anti-Communist Baghdad Pact
1961 KDP banned by Gen Qasim and several leaders arrested due to Mustafa Barzani’s
Kurdish revolt
1986 Iran ended Op Karbala 3 in Fao Peninsula and Majnoon Island
1986 Soviet For Min Shevardnadze told UN that USSR was attempting to negotiate
            end to Iran-Iraq War
1989 Kuwait Emir given medal by Saddam in Baghdad for help during Iran-Iraq
1991 UN inspectors found 4 lockers full of secret nuclear documents in Baghdad
            facility but were seized by Iraqi army
2001 Rice told CNN Iraq would be stage two of war on terror
2002 Blair told cabinet Iraq dossier would show Iraq expanding WMD capabilities
            and erosion of sanctions one cause
2002 Educ Sec Morris asked Blair what had changed about Iraq to go to war other than
            Bush being elected
2002 Inst for Science & Intl Security argued against US claim that aluminum tubes Iraq
            tried to buy were for nuke weapons program
2003 Bush speech at UN said Iraq was frontline in war on terror
2003 Fr Pres Chirac & UN Sec Gen Annan speeches at UN criticized Iraq war saying
            US undermined international system 
2003 Gallup pol majority of Iraqis thought life would be better in 5 years 2/3 of
            Baghdadis said removing Saddam was worth hardships
2003 Iraqi Governing Council member Aqila Hashemi died after being shot 3 days
            before outside her home
2004 Allawi visited White House asking for more reconstruction money and bringing
            back old army units
2006 Army chief of staff called Gen Petraeus to review Iraq policy
2006 DefPolicyBoard member Adelman told Rumsfeld he was a failure as SecDef and never
            took responsibility for Iraq
2007 ISI accused Hamas of Iraq and 1920 Revolution Brigades of killing its members
2016 Sunni tribal Hashd began destroyed 220 homes in Aithah Salahaddin belonging
            to IS sympathizers

Friday, September 22, 2017

Ana Freed In Anbar Whilte Shirqat And Hawija Attacked

The much awaited multi-pronged offensive to free the last Islamic State bastions within Iraq started. The West Anbar campaign took its first major town, Ana along the Euphrates River. Shirqat in northern Salahaddin was also attacked along with neighboring Hawija in southern Kirkuk.

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 22

1980 Iraq invaded Iran starting Iran-Iraq War
1980 Iraq wanted to protect Kirkuk and Baghdad while seizing Khuzistan province in
            south Iran
1980 Iraq started war bombing 10 Iranian airfields hoping to wipe out air force but
1980 Iraqi army crossed into Iran along 8 routes
1980 Iraqi army moved on Pankwin Iranian Kurdistan to protect Sulaymaniya and
1980 Iraq division seized Qasr-e-Shirin, Iran to block road to Baghdad
1980 Iraqi division took Meghan and reached Zagros Mts to protect flank of southern
            thrust into Iran
1980 4 Iraqi divisions attacked Khuzistan province taking Musian and moving on
            Dezful Ahvaz Shatt al-Arab Khormashahr Abadan
1980 Iraq declared Khuzistan a new Iraq province
1980 UK Defense Committee discussed how to start selling weapons to Iraq
1981 Iran began Operation Samen ol Aemeh to break siege of Abadan Iran’s 2nd largest
1987 Iranian speech at UN rejected UN ceasefire talks
1988 Pres Khomeini addressed UN condemning it for not doing anything about
            Iraq’s aggression during war
2001 Telegraph story claiming Iraq was funding Al Qaeda Quoted CIA and Israeli
2002 Rice said UN sanctions were failing and Iraq using illegal revenues to develop WMD
2003 Zarqawi bombed Canal Hotel Baghdad 2 dead 19 wounded
2003 Bombing of UN compound led to unanimous decision to evacuate UN
            staff from Iraq
2003 Bremer testified to Congress asking for approval of $87 bil in aid for Iraq
2003 Report Iraqi Governing Council members were going to tell Congress US
            reconstruction money being wasted
2004 2 suicide car bombs in Baghdad killed 21 wounded 150
2006 Ret Gen Keane told Joint Chiefs head Gen Pace he was failing and his only
            priority should be winning in Iraq
2006 Joint Chiefs head Gen Pace agreed to set up staff to go over Iraq strategy after
            talking with Ret Gen Keane
2006 Ret Gen Keane suggested Gen Petraeus should be new US Iraq Cmdr to Joint
            Chiefs head Gen Pace
2008 Wasit council headed by SIIC refused to set up Tribal Support Councils because
            seen as tools of Maliki
2016 Parliament dismissed Finance Minister Zebari on corruption charges led by
            Maliki and Reform Front

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Iraqi Forces Continue To Advance In Anbar While Preparing For Shirqat And Hawija

As the west Anbar campaign continues the Iraqi forces are preparing to take on Shirqat in Salahaddin as well as Hawija in south Kirkuk.

This Day In Iraq History – Sep 21

1965 Abdul al-Bazzaz became premier
1968 Provisional constitution drafted by three jurists and presented to Pres. Bakr
            Included return of parliament
1980 Iraq letter to UN outlined steps it took to try to work out outstanding issues with
            new revolutionary govt in Iran
2001 1st CIA report on Iraq and 9/11 found no connection but two had contacts
            in 1990s Bush was briefed on findings
2001 CIA report said didn’t think 9/11 hijacker Atta met with Iraq intel officer in
            Prague in 2001
2001 CIA Dir Tenet told Bush CIA Czech office questioned 9/11 hijacker Atta met
            Iraqi intel officer in Prague
2001 DIA analyst Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans on CIA report Said info good but
findings of no Iraq-Al Qaeda ties should be ignored
2001 Under Sec of Def Feith sent DIA analysis of CIA report to Wolfowitz and
2001 Admin officials told Wash Times Saddam talked with bin Laden just before 9/11
2001 Iraqi defector claimed Iraq was training terrorists to take over airplanes at Salman
            Pak, Baghdad
2003 French Pres Chirac called for US to immediately hand over sovereignty to Iraqis
2003 Report mid to low level Baathists being assassinated in Baghdad
2003 Iraqi Governing Council said they were under increasing attack after 1 number
            ambushed and shot in Baghdad
2004 US civilian Jack Hensley beheaded by Al Qaeda in Iraq
2014 IS captured Saqlawiya and Sjar, Anbar

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Rihana Latest Town Taken In Operation To Liberate West Anbar


After a short pause the Iraqi forces went back on the offensive in west Anbar. The town of Rihana was the latest one to be freed in the region. It is in the Ana district in northwest Anbar along the Euphrates River. Elements of the army’s 7th and 8th Divisions, along with the tribal Hashd were involved in the operation.

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 20

1959 Gen Qasim executed several leaders of Mosul coup attempt
1980 Iran called up its military reserves Lead up to Iran-Iraq War
1983 Iran threatened to close Persian Gulf if West and Gulf States continued to aid Iraq
1990 British intel report said lots of unknowns about Iraq’s ballistic missile program
1998 British intel report said Iraq probably still had biological weapons program
2001 During meeting on war on terror Blair asked Bush about Iraq who said it was not
            an immediate problem
2001 Blair told Bush they should take time to build up case against Iraq
2001 Undersec of Def Feith told Rumsfeld war on terror should be broad and Iraq
should be included
2001 Undersec of Def Douglas Feith complained about lack of good targets
            in Afghanistan and suggested bombing Iraq for 9/11
2001 Project for a New American Century in letter to Bush said Iraq might have
            supported 9/11 and Saddam had to be targeted in war on terror
2001 US intel officials told press they were looking into Iraq’s connections to 9/11
2001 Israeli intelligence said they thought Iraq connected to 9/11 Claimed Al Qaeda
            funded by Iraqi Intel Service
2001 US and UK jets bomb missile batteries in southern Iraq as part of No Fly Zones
2002 Pentagon set up planning group to deal with rebuilding Iraq’s oil industry after
2002 UK Def Min said it could provide forces for military action against Iraq
2002 Time article White House using unsubstantiated stories to make case of Iraq-Al
            Qaeda ties
2003 Ansar al-Sunnah formed
2003 Governing Council member Aqila Hashemi shot outside her home in Baghdad
            Would die 3 days later
2003 Funeral for SCIRI head Ayatollah Baqir al-Hakim turned into anti-US occupation
            demonstration in Najaf
2004 Zarqawi beheaded US civilian Eugene Armstrong
2006 US commander in Iraq Gen. Casey gave his support to Anbar Awakening
2006 Chief judge in Saddam’s trial removed by cabinet for saying Saddam was not a
2006 Intel report to Rumsfeld Iraq breaking up more Iraqi politicians stuck in
            ethnosectarian camps
2015 Human Rights Watch report on Hashd and Jabouri tribe destroying buildings in
Dour Albu Ajeel Alam Ali & part of Tikrit after Tikrit freed
2015 400-600 buildings destroyed in Dour 75 in Albu Ajeel 45 in Alam
            28 in Ali over 200 in Tikrit’s Qadisiyah

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Security In Iraq Sep 8-14, 2017

Violence in Iraq remained at a very low level for the second week of September 2017. There were few reported security incidents, but casualties were very high due to a large car bombing in southern Iraq, and bodies being recovered from the rubble in Mosul.

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 19

1929 Abd Sadoun became premier for 4th time
1936 UK officials met Nuri al-Said in Paris to discuss him mediating Palestine dispute
            Turned out he just wanted to promote Iraq
1980 Iran began heavy shelling of Shatt al-Arab, Basra and attacked ships in
            waterway precursor to Iran-Iraq War
1983 Iran said if major powers kept backing Iraq they would have oil cut off to them
1991 UN Resolution 712 offered oil for food program again Iraq rejected 2nd time
1996 CIA Dir Deutch told Senate Intel Comm Saddam was in stronger position then
            he was before
2001 Iraq intel paper said Afghan source claimed bin Laden Taliban and Iraq worked
            together to target America Never confirmed
2001 Bush asked CIA Dir Tenet to look into Iraq-Al Qaeda ties and said VP Cheney
            had info on links
2001 Dep Sec of Def Wolfowitz sent ex-CIA Dir Woolsey to England to look into
            Iraq 9/11 & 1993 World Trade Center connections
2001 Chalabi told Pentagon’s Def Policy Board they should invade Iraq not
2002 Pentagon’s Def Policy Board met arguing for removing Saddam
2002 Saddam sent letter to UN saying it had no WMD or nuclear weapons
2002 Rumsfeld told Senate that UN weapons inspections were weak and weren’t going
            to find anything
2002 US said Iraq didn’t mention trying to buy uranium from Niger in its UN
2002 Powell told House committee there was debate about Iraq’s intent on buying
aluminum tubes but Saddam trying to get nuke technology
2002 New intel said Iraq might have offered training to Al Qaeda and safe
            haven to bin Laden in 1990s
2003 CPA issued new rules for banking in Iraq to reform finances and to open up
            country to foreign investment
2003 Saddam’s Def Min Gen Hashim Ahmad surrendered to US in Kirkuk after
2004 Blair said Iraq was center of global war on terror
2005 Militia controlled police arrest 2 British soldiers leading to rescue mission by
            British forces that ended in gun battle with Mahdi Army
2006 US commander in Ramadi got Marine division commander in Anbar to back
2006 Fmr Vice Army chief of staff Ret Gen Keane told Rumsfeld US close to
            strategic failure in Iraq
2006 Ret Gen Keane told Rumsfeld US strategy was to withdraw not defeat
2006 Ret Gen Keane told Rumsfeld US needed more troops in Iraq to protect
            population otherwise change impossible
2006 Pres Talabani told Bush security problem was US not arming ISF sufficiently and
            needed less US troops in Iraq
2014 France carried out first air strikes against IS hitting Zummar, Ninewa

Monday, September 18, 2017

West Anbar Operation To Proceed in Stages

Unlike previous government campaigns against the Islamic State the west Anbar operation will be conducted in stages. The first, was the taking of Akashat, which occurred over the weekend. The Iraqi forces will move on the Iraq-Syrian border and a number of other towns before taking Rawa, Qaim and Ana, the ultimate goals.

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 18

1916 British leaders told troops to continue advance in Mesopotamia vs
            Ottomans after huge loss at Kut
1950 PM Said threatened to expel Jews from Iraq
1990 Iraq Army Chief of Staff Gen Khazraji told Saddam Iraq would lose any war
            with US
2001 Richard Clarke’s counterterrorism office sent Rice memo saying no Iraq-9/11
            links found
2001 DepDefSec Wolfowitz wrote Rumsfeld that Iraq backed terrorists and might
            have been behind 1993 World Trade Center bombing
2001 Reuters reported 9/11 hijacker Atta met with Iraqi intelligence in Europe Story
            was false
2002 Rumsfeld told House committee Iraq was close to acquiring materials to build a
            nuclear bomb
2003 Head weapons inspector Blix said he believed Iraq destroyed its WMD in 90s
2003 Report wave of kidnappings for ransom across Baghdad
2005 Iraq draft constitution presented to UN
2012 Cabinet approved new oil export-revenue sharing deal with KRG
2015 Protests in Baghdad Babil Karbala Najaf Qadisiyah Muthanna Dhi Qar Wasit
            Maysan Basra Diyala over reforms

Musings On Iraq In The News

The Carnegie Middle East Center’s piece on whether Iraq and Saudi Arabia are improving relations, which I contributed to, was re-printed by the Lebanese Center for Research and Consulting.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Sep 17

1953 Mohammed al-Jamali became premier
1975 Iran and Iraq ratified border treaty between two
1980 Saddam TV speech Said Iran violated 1975 Algiers Treaty Backings Kurds
            Refused to return Iraqi territory Lead up to Iran-Iraq War
1980 Saddam abrogated 1949 Treaty of Good Relations & 1974 Algiers Treaty with
            Iran Lead up to Iran-Iraq War
1980 Saddam claimed Iraq had sovereignty of Shatt al-Arab waterway in Basra
            Lead up to Iran-Iraq War
1980 Heavy fighting broke out between Iraqi and Iranian forces Shatt al-Arab Lead
            up to Iran-Iraq War
1995 SCIRI claimed it attacked 3 Iraqi army positions in Baghdad in September
1997 UN inspectors watched Iraqis moving files and burning documents while waiting
            for access to a WMD site
1998 Italian paper claimed Iraq offered bin Laden safehaven if he was expelled from
2001 Bush said he believed Iraq was involved in 9/11 to his national security staff
2001 Bush signed paper directing military to make plans for invading Iraq
2001 Bush told Pentagon it needed to be ready to deal with Iraq if it acted against
            US interests
2001 Dep Sec of Def Wolfwotiz sent memos to Rumsfeld advocating for attacking
2001 Sen Allen told CNN US might think of regime change in Iraq
2002 National Security Strategy for Bush admin released Called for preemptive war to
            deal with rogue states
2003 Bush said no evidence Iraq involved in 9/11 but Iraq had ties to Al Qaeda
2003 Saddam audio tape released on Al Arabiya called for US to withdraw from Iraq
            and to increase attacks
2004 British forces raid Sadrist headquarters in Basra
2004 Draft of Iraq Survey Group report said Saddam wanted to produce WMD but
            had no stocks or programs
2004 Draft Iraq Survey Group report said only WMD Iraq had were poisons for
            assassinations by Iraqi intelligence
2006 Anbar Salvation Council issued ultimatum for Al Qaeda in Iraq to leave Anbar
2008 SIIC accused Maliki of creating Tribal Support Councils to bolster his support

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

2 New Iraq Opinion Polls Find Sea Change In Views

Two new public opinion polls from the Spring of 2017 found that Iraqis still hold very divergent views. What was a big change was that most Sunnis felt positive about the country and the government, although they were still worried about the Islamic State. Shiites on the other hand, showed high levels of pessimism, while Kurds appeared to be done with the central government.

This Day In Iraqi History - Sep 16

1961 Govt forces began ground offensive to put down Mustafa Barzani Kurdish
1980 Saddam said that Iran would not fight Iraq because it was afraid
            Lead up to Iran-Iraq War
1980 Saddam said that Iraq had to regain all the disputed territory it claimed from Iran
1986 Iraq air strike on Iran’s Lavan oil terminal Iran-Iraq War
1990 UN Resolution 667 demanded Iraq release foreign nationals it detained in Kuwait
1991 Mohammed Zubaidi became Iraq’s premier
2001 Bush said unless Iraq connected to 9/11 it would be dealt with diplomatically not
            with force
2001 Cheney asked on NBC was there any evidence linking Iraq to 9/11 He said no
            Said focus was on Al Qaeda
2001 Fmr CIA Dir Woolsey said stories of 9/11 hijacker Atta meeting with Iraqi
            intel showed Iraq needed to be investigated
2002 Iraq told UN it would allow new weapons inspections with no conditions
2002 VP Chief of Staff Libby & DepNatlSecAdv Hadley briefed by Pentagon group
            that Iraq and Al Qaeda had cooperated
2002 New draft of UK dossier on Iraq said it had recently produced WMD but no
2003 Rumsfeld said he believed US intelligence that Iraq had WMD
2003 Rumsfeld said no evidence Iraq involved with 9/11
2003 Rice said one reason US invaded Iraq was because he was from Middle East
            where 9/11 attacks came from
2003 Senior Iraqi scientist said WMD programs dismantled by UN inspectors in 90s
2004 UN Sec Gen Annan told BBC that US invasion of Iraq was illegal
2004 July Natl Intel Est on Iraq leaked to press Best case Iraq would remain unstable
            Worse Iraq would break out into civil war
2007 Blackwater guards fired at car in west Baghdad killing 17 civilians
            and wounding 20
2008 Pres Barzani told US Amb Crocker that Maliki was beginning to act like a
2009 US closed Camp Bucca prison which had served as recruiting ground for

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Friday, September 15, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Sep 15

1950 Nuri al-Said became premier 6th time
1981 Reagan administration discussed covert arms deal with Iraq to get a Russian
            T-72 tank in return Iraq rejected idea
1987 Saddam told UN delegation he would accept ceasefire if UN punished Iran
1989 Iraq arrested UK Observer reporter Baztoft for reporting on missile program
            Led to condemnation in UK media
2001 Bush held meeting at Camp David to determine response to 9/11 Iraq brought
            up several times
2001 Def Dept paper for Camp David meeting said 3 priorities in war on terror:
            Al Qaeda, Taliban, Iraq
2001 Dep Defense Sec Wolfwitz said 10-50% chance Iraq behind 9/11 & US had to
            take on Saddam if serious about war on terror
2001 Sec of State Powell said Wolfowitz had no proof Iraq involved in 9/11 and was
            just using it for his Iraq agenda
2001 Rumsfeld said it might be good to attack Iraq because no good targets in
2001 Cheney said Iraq would be dealt with but not right away
2001 Bush admin voted on whether to deal with Iraq after 9/11 and was voted down
2001 Bush said he thought Iraq involved in 9/11 but told Rice it would be dealt with
2004 Around 1000 protested in Najaf demanding that Sadr and his aides leave the city
2004 Gen Chiarelli said that US would clear militias from Sadr City Didn’t happen
2006 Bush speech Said he was listening to his generals who said things were working
            in Iraq
2006 Privately Bush had decided Iraq strategy not working and wanted new one
2007 GAO said Iraq met 3 partially met 4 not met 11 of 18 total benchmarks set by
            Congress for progress during Surge
2015 Iraq cabinet voted on law to cancel Vice Presidents 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

KDP Offers To Bring Back KRG Parliament 2nd Time Before Independence Referendum

For the second time the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has offered to re-instate the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) parliament, which has been closed since October 2015. The KDP first said it would bring back the legislature in August, but it never happened. Now it made a new deal for mid-September, but it has already pushed back the date. This was supposed to be a compromise with the other Kurdish parties before the September 25 independence referendum. The problem is the KDP is looking for concessions from others, not to give them before the vote, which is probably why it hasn’t followed through yet on the parliament.  

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 14

1980 Iran’s Chief of Staff of military said it no longer abided by 1975 Algiers
            Agreement with Iraq over Shatt al-Arab border
2001 Fmr CIA Dir Woolsey said Saddam could be working with Al Qaeda
2001 Bush told Blair that there might be an Iraq-Al Qaeda connection
2002 Bush said Iraq had scientists infrastructure and buying equipment to enrich
            uranium to build nuclear bomb in a year
2003 Cheney said that Iraq had WMD and relationship with Al Qaeda dating back to
2003 Cheney said what US found since invasion proved Iraq had WMD capabilities
2003 Cheney said if Iraq had gotten fissile material it could have built a nuclear bomb
            in months to a year
2003 Cheney claimed that 9/11 hijacker Atta met with Iraqi intelligence in Prague in
2003 Cheney said Iraq involved in 1993 World Trade Center bombing
2003 Cheney said democracy in Iraq would be blow against base of anti-western
            terrorism in the world
2003 Cheney said US didn’t need more troops in Iraq and security improving
2003 Report Iraqi scientists said nuclear program scrapped in 90s during UN
2003 Poll 52% of US respondents supported Bush’s Iraq policies down 23% since war
2004 Al Qaeda in Iraq car bomb hit Baghdad police station Killed 59 wounded almost
2005 Baghdad bombings killed 150 and injured more than 500
2007 SecDef Gates said US could get down to 100,000 troops by end of 08 Petraeus
            complained too fast
2007 ISI claimed responsibility for killing Anbar Salvation Council head Sheikh
            Abu Risha
2012 New Baghdad-Irbil oil export/revenue sharing deal announced

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Sep 13

1961 Gen Qasim ordered airstrikes to put down Mustafa Barzani Kurdish revolt
1980 In 2 days Iraq seized 5 border posts from Iran Precursor to Iran-Iraq War
1980 Iran didn’t retaliate for Iraq seizing border posts making Saddam think reports
            that Iran weak after revolution true
1987 Iran said it would agree to UN ceasefire if Iraq named as aggressor in war
1997 Iraqi soldier attacked a weapons inspector on board a helicopter for trying to take
            pictures of vehicles moving inside a suspected WMD site
2001 Bush asked CIA Dir Tenet whether he was looking into Iraq-Al Qaeda
2001 Rumsfeld said attacking Iraq would be good deterrent to countries that support
2001 Rumsfeld told army to come up with plans for seizing Iraq’s southern oil fields
2001 DepDefSec Wolfowitz told press US would eliminate states that sponsor
2001 US intelligence and counterterrorism agencies meeting agreed no connection
            between Iraq and al Qaeda Report sent to Bush
2001 Fmr CIA Dir Woolsey said US needed to look into whether Iraq rather than
            Al Qaeda was behind 9/11
2001 L. Mylroie Wall St Journal OpEd said Al Qaeda not capable of 9/11 and was
            probably Iraq
2002 Bush said US might only be certain Iraq had a nuclear device when it used one
2002 US official told Knight Ridder Iraq not close to building a nuclear bomb
2002 NYT article said State and Energy Depts questioned whether aluminum tubes
            Iraq tried to buy were for nuke program
2003 Defense Dept official told press Iraq had worked on mobile WMD labs but
            inspectors never found them
2003 Rumsfeld called Bremer with idea of immediately giving sovereignty to Iraq
2004 Report US forces routinely tortured and abused prisoners in Mosul
2004 Al Qaeda in Iraq beheaded Turkish civilian Durmus Kumdereli
2007 ISI assassinated Sheikh Abu Risha leader in Awakening in bombing in Ramadi
2007 Bush gave televised speech saying Surge was making progress in Iraq
2014 New campaign launched to try to clear Babil’s Jurf al-Sakhr of IS

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Der Spiegel Reporting On Abuse By Iraqi Forces During Mosul Battle Was True

In May 2017, there was a huge controversy in Iraq as photographer Ali Arkady released three articles documenting abuses by the Emergency Response Division (ERD) of Iraq’s Interior Ministry during the Mosul campaign. Arkady was roundly attacked by the ERD, the Iraqi forces, and on social media by the public for his stories. Three months later, it turned out Arkady was right, and the ERD unit he followed did do wrong.

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 12

1915 British forces launched campaign to capture Baghdad starting in present
            day Wasit
1980 Iraq began seizing border posts from Iran Precursor to Iran-Iraq War
1997 UN Res 1129 allowed greater oil exports under Oil for Food Program
2001 Bush asked Richard Clarke to look into whether Iraq involved in 9/11
2001 Top officials within Bush White House talked about Iraq being behind
            9/11 attack
2001 Pentagon meeting on 9/11 CIA said was sure Al Qaeda behind attack Wolfowitz
            questioned that and said Iraq must have been involved
2001 Rumsfeld said not enough good targets to bomb in Afghanistan so US should
            bomb Iraq instead
2001 Rumsfeld said that Saddam should be overthrown Joint Chiefs Head Gen
            Shelton said that was only possible via large invasion
2001 White House told CIA to come up with covert plan against Iraq
2001 Jund al-Islam formed in Kurdistan from Kurdish Islamists and fighters fleeing            Afghanistan
2001 Czech intel source said he saw 9/11 hijacker Atta meet with Iraqi intel in Prague
            Apr 2001
2001 Ex-CIA Dir Woolsey said didn’t matter who was responsible for 9/11 solution
            had to include removing Saddam from power
2002 Bush UN speech Said Iraq growing threat Could build a nuclear bomb within a
            year if got materials
2002 State Dept paper Decade of Deception and Defiance said Iraq building up its
            WMD and nuclear program
2002 White House paper claimed Iraq trained terrorists in hijacking planes using
2002 French For Min said France supported UN resolution on Iraq but UN should
            decide action if Iraq didn’t comply
2003 US forces opened fire on 2 Iraqi police cars in Fallujah killing 8 police and
            wounding 4 others
2004 PM Allawi said Saddam’s trial would go ahead despite rising violence
2011 insurgents took bus in Anbar and killed 22 Shiite pilgrims

Monday, September 11, 2017

Hawija Shirqat West Anbar All Expected To Be Assaulted Simultaneously By The Iraqi Forces

The Iraqi military has talked Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi into attacking the last remaining territories held by the Islamic State simultaneously. Those are the Shirqat in northern Salahaddin, Hawija in southern Kirkuk, and west Anbar. The Iraqi forces are moving into position, although political disputes with the Kurds are temporarily holding things up.

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 11

1961 After Gen Qasim rejected Barzani Kurdish rights plan he called for revolt
            against govt
1961 Kurds ambushed an Iraqi army column starting Kurdish revolt against Gen Qasim
1980 Iraq sent protest letter to Iran about border incidents Said Iran violated intl law
            and Iraq would defend itself
1982 Iraq agreed to Arab League ceasefire proposal including withdrawing from
            Iran $70 bil in reparations Iran said no
1985 Iran seized western Majnoon Islands Iraq counterattacked but failed
            to dislodge Iranians Did stop advance
1990 Iraq released edited version of Saddam’s meeting with US Amb Glaspie Saddam told Amb
Glaspie Iraq would take military action vs Kuwait if it didn’t give into Iraq’s Demands
1995 KDP took control of all of Kurdistan after pushing PUK out with help of
            Iraqi army
2001 Bush asked whether Iraq was involved in 9/11 because Saddam backed
            Palestinian terrorists
2001 Bush said that US should get rid of Saddam and told some aides to look into
            Iraq-Al Qaeda connections
2001 Rice told UK Amb to US Meyer that White House was looking into whether Iraq
            involved in 9/11
2001 5 hrs after 9/11 Def Sec Rumsfeld wrote memo asking for info on whether
            should attack Saddam and Iraq
2001 At NSC meeting Rumsfeld brought up bombing Iraq
2001 Counterterrorism chief Clarke said Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz were taking
            advantage of 9/11 to push their Iraq agenda
2001 Italian intelligence told CIA that Iraq had tried to buy uranium from Niger
2002 UK intel report that Iraq was producing WMD 7 days a week in facilities
            throughout the country
2002 Blair said parliament had to discuss Iraq and WMD
2002 NSC got okay from CIA to use claim that Iraq tried to buy uranium from
            Niger in speech by Bush but wasn’t used
2002 UK Intel report warned overthrow of Saddam would increase chances of WMD
            falling into hands of terrorists & terrorism overall
2002 Blair told Parliament war with Iraq would increase terrorism threat but Saddam
            giving WMD to terrorists was larger concern
2003 DepDefSec Wolfowitz said Saddam connected to terrorism & Al Qaeda and bin
            Laden now trying to work with ex-Baathists
2003 Report Pentagon made no detailed plans for postwar Iraq Hoped Chalabi and INC
            would take over govt
2006 Bush speech US being tested like Cold War and withdrawing from Iraq would
            be catastrophe US strategy at time was to withdraw from Iraq
2008 US turned over security for Anbar to Iraqi forces
2015 Kataib Hezbollah said no Hashd or lovers of Islam should join protests Claimed
            they were being controlled by US

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Today In Iraqi History - Sep 10

1922 King Faisal returned to office after appendices removed Thanked UK Iraq
            High Comm Cox for silencing opposition
1958 Arif dismissed as Deputy Commander in Chief of Armed forces because of
            his opposition to Gen Qasim
1980 Iraq seized Saif Saad, Iran along border Next 2 wks were 15 border incidents
            mostly in Basra
1990 Iran and Iraq renewed relations as Saddam attempted to secure his eastern
            border before Gulf War
2001 Time reported Bush administration discussed overthrowing Saddam
2002 Blair speech said Iraq not an imminent threat but had to be dealt with before it
            became one
2002 Draft of UK dossier on Iraq’s WMD included claim Iraq could deploy battlefield
            WMD in 45 minutes
2002 New Draft UK dossier on Iraq said it had bought large amounts of uranium Had
            mobile WMD labs
2002 US Intel officers told Wash Post not strong link between Iraq and Al Qaeda
2007 Gen Petraeus and Amb Crocker began 2 days of testimony to Congress on
            progress under Surge
2014 US authorized $25 mil in immediate military aid to Iraq
2014 Obama announced a new coalition to fight IS
2015 Protests in Baghdad Babil Karbala Najaf Qadisiyah Muthanna Dhi Qar Wasit
            Maysan Basra Diyala demanding reform

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Security In Iraq, Sep 1-7, 2017

Violence in Iraq hit another low during the first week of September 2017. There were only 62 incidents reported in the media. Since the Mosul battle concluded the Islamic State has been rebuilding and been in retreat resulting in fewer attacks across the country. The start of September was also marked by the Eid holiday, which led to higher security in places like Baghdad.